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Dr. Foojan Zeine is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, International Speaker, Author, and Radio / Television / Podcast Host. She has her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Dr. Zeine practices online therapy and coaching and sees clients in Beverly Hills and San Clemente, California. She has extensive experience treating individuals and couples in restoring their Intimate Relationships, Addictive Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Traumas, and Domestic Violence. Dr. Zeine is the originator of the Personal Growth Institute. She is the originator of the Awareness Integration Model (R)  .


Have you ever wished you could just wake up one day, reach across your nightstand and hit the Life Reset button? Let’s face it. The struggles and frustrations of everyday life leave millions of women and men around the globe yearning for a new way. Awareness Integration is a new model in the field of psychology synthesizing concepts from cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and body-mind theories that offers an opportunity to choose and reset life. This model enhances self-awareness, increases self-esteem, releases psychological blocks, heals emotional wounds, and reduces anxiety and depression. It promotes a clear, realistic, and positive proactive attitude for learning and implementing new skills for an effective, productive, functional, and fulfilling life. The hunger for more satisfying relationships, more fulfilling careers, a release of stress and anxiety, and the freedom to be who we really are in our hectic and disconnected culture has become paramount for anyone seeking the best they can be. Life Reset offers a comprehensive resource for re-envisioning and rebuilding your life. This accessible, hands-on guide escorts readers through the steps of the time and trial-tested Awareness Integration Model. Life Reset takes readers on an interactive journey with 12 simple open-ended questions to promote self-awareness. This guided process, designed to facilitate healing past traumas and removing blocks related to the seven major areas of life, is supported by the author’s instructions, guidance and real life examples. Readers visit crucial areas of their lives, examining relationships they have with friends and coworkers, parents, siblings, partners and children. Life Reset is about creating a depth of awareness, understanding, acceptance, responsibility and accountability toward the way we think, feel, and act toward ourselves and others, owning the impact of our attitudes in the worlds we create, healing the past that is creeping constantly into our present, and creating an intention with goals to create a fulfilled and joyous life from here on out.


In respect to the CoronoVirus Stress, I am offering sliding scale online psychotherapy and life coaching to anyone who is suffering financially until March 31, 2020.

FREESharing Meeting with Dr. Foojan Zeine & Experts every Thursday at 6 PM via Zoom. Meeting ID: 689 941 5883

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