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- 1 day ago

کاوش - اندیشگاه اندیشمندان - فرصتی برای گفتگو و کشف در مورد انسانیت موضوع هفته: ساکن روان
h J R

- 2 days ago

کاوش - اندیشگاه اندیشمندان به ما ملحق شوید شنبه ها ۱۰ صبح به وقت لوس آنجلس Join our telegram channel - Topic: Inner Peace Meeting ID: 689 941 5883 Password: 543191 #selfawareness #awareness #healing #growth #feelings
h J R

- 4 days ago

Begin seeing any task as PLAY and you would be eager to jump into it. That is what children do, everything is a PLAY. - Foojan Zeine #selfawareness #awareness #healing #growth #feelings #relationship #selfesteem #mentalhealth #psychology #psychotherapy #qotd
h J R

- 5 days ago

Ask Me segment - Dr. Foojan answers your question: How do I get out of t... via @YouTube
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Awareness Integration Model

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
Life and Executive Coaching
Hypnosis, Bio-Feedback
Thought Field Therapy